Support HB 3885 Allowing Municipalities to Ban Ethylene Oxide

The fight over ethylene oxide is not over.

Even with the news that Sterigenics is shutting down, our fight over ethylene oxide is not over.

While the Matt Haller Act, which became law in June, enacted the strongest restrictions on ethylene oxide in the nation and makes it nearly impossible for Sterigenics to re-open their doors in Illinois, there is more to be done. Last month, I also introduced House Bill 3885 to give local municipalities the authority to ban the use of ethylene oxide within their boundaries. We need to push forward and ensure this bill also becomes law to protect Illinois residents across the state from this dangerous chemical.

A committee hearing on House Bill 3885 is scheduled this week on Thursday, October 10, 2019 so make your voice heard before then and tell the Illinois General Assembly you support House Bill 3885 by signing our petition and/or filing an electronic witness slip for the October 10th hearing. Find more information on our webpage dedicated to this cause.

I will keep you updated on this issue and our efforts moving forward. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to fighting for the safety of our communities!