Statement on the Ongoing Federal Corruption Investigations

Earlier this week, I pushed to reform our broken political system in Illinois and once again, Speaker Madigan dismissed the need for ethics reform in Illinois.  Today, we see why.  

The announcement against ComEd and “Public Official A” and the ongoing investigation of Cook County Property tax corruption are another sad commentary on the state of our state. The deep federal investigations into the highest members of the Democratic Party and their abuse of the Cook County property tax system is finally coming to light. 

For too long, one man, Speaker Madigan, has held so much power, and the old axiom holds true: power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  

The chance for ethics reform this session has been blocked.  Any hope for real property tax reform has been stalled.  The system has been rigged to benefit those in power, and to keep the Democratic Party in control while the citizens of Cook County and Illinois suffer. 

Today, I hope, is a day of awakening for citizens of Illinois.  We sit here in a bankrupt state, burdened by the actions, or in many cases inaction, of the Democratic Party of Illinois that through Speaker Madigan has held the reins of power for decades.   

The allegations presented today are troubling and downright depressing.  Speaker Madigan needs to “speak” up on this issue, and if the allegations are true, he needs to resign immediately.  Just as important, I hope that members of the General Assembly in the majority party, the Democratic Party, have the courage to finally stand up and demand an explanation of their leader that they have for decades elected to rule.

The citizens of Illinois deserve so much better.