Our Greatest Responsibility is the Health and Safety of Illinois Citizens

Illinois House Republican Leader Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs) released the following statement on the signing of House Bill 3653 into law: 

“The Governor’s support of House Bill 3653 is an insult to our first responders, law enforcement and the law-abiding citizens of Illinois who want to be free from violence and destruction from the criminal element. It’s clear that Governor Pritzker does not understand this bill and what it means to our criminal justice system. Illinois and its citizens will not be safer because of this bill.

We live in a civilized state where our elected officials’ greatest responsibility is the health and safety of Illinois citizens. This past year, Chicago has been traumatized with epic acts of violence through murders and car-jackings with no apparent end in sight. At a crucial time when we should coalesce around the good men and women of law enforcement, Governor Pritzker has turned his back on them with his signature on House Bill 3653.”

On background:

  • Abolishes cash bail, and removes ability of judges to hold someone who is considered a danger to the community. Pgs. 335, 370
  • Allows for anonymous complaints to be used against police officers in disciplinary and decertification hearings. Pg. 95-96
    • No ability for expungement of frivolous complaints pg.66
  • Allows for victims of crime, regardless of age, to be compelled to testify at a bond hearing by the defense attorney.  Pg. 377
  • Costly mandates contained in the bill are especially harmful to our state’s smaller municipalities and could result in reduced police presence across Illinois. Body cams pgs. 79-89, police certification pgs. 670-764
  • Bill language is unclear and contradictory, making it more difficult for law enforcement and the court system to do their jobs.
    • For example, police certification allows for confidential complaints (pg.700), criminal reform portion allows for anonymous complaints (pg. 95).
  • No transparency in the legislative process to work out the unintended consequences of this massive bill which directly impacts public safety in Illinois.