Leader Durkin Statement on End of 2019 Legislative Session

Illinois House Republican Leader Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs) released the following statement on the end of this year’s legislative session: 

“The end of this legislative was another historic moment for the House Republicans. Not only did we pass a bipartisan, balanced budget without any tax increases, but we also achieved significant business reforms for our communities that will boost the economy across our state. As I’ve said before, we can get great things done for Illinois families as long as we respect the principles and priorities of each caucus. In doing so, we have passed historic education reform, two bipartisan, balanced budgets and now important reforms that will grow jobs. I am proud to have worked with the legislative leaders and the Governor to finally do what’s right for Illinois families and businesses.”

Reforms include:

  • Creation of the Blue Collar Jobs Act – which will attract large scale construction projects.
  • Creation of a Data Center Tax Incentive – which will enhance the state’s ability to locate data centers in Illinois by providing tax incentives.
  • Reinstatement of the Manufacturer’s Purchase Credit – to encourage further investments in manufacturing in Illinois.
  • Elimination of the antiquated Illinois Franchise Tax.
  • Elimination of cap on the Retailer’s Discount.
  • Tabling of Senate Bill 1407 – a bill that aimed to impose wage and regulatory requirements on refineries, ethanol plants, and chemical facilities.