Leader Durkin Introduces New Ethylene Oxide Ban Option for Local Municipalities

Western Springs, IL…. In light of today’s disappointing court ruling, Illinois House Republican Leader Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs) introduced new legislation that will give local municipalities the authority to ban the use of ethylene oxide in their communities.

“Sterigenics continues to prove they cannot be trusted and have no place in our region,” Leader Durkin said. “If the Illinois EPA continues moving forward in issuing permits, then we must do everything we can to empower our local municipalities in their fight to keep Sterigenics closed for good.”

House Bill 3885 authorizes any municipality in the state of Illinois to implement a local ban of the use of ethylene oxide within its boundaries. If a local municipality chooses to adopt this authority, any sterilizing companies would be prohibited from using ethylene oxide.  This bill has the support of the village of Willowbrook.

“If the Illinois EPA isn’t going to enforce the Matt Haller Act, then it’s essential that the legislature be called back into session so that we can ensure Illinois residents are safe,” Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Deanne Mazzochi said.