Leader Durkin, House and Senate GOP Announce Voter Empowerment Project

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin joined Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie, Senator Jason Barickman, and Representative Mark Batinick on Wednesday to unveil the Voter Empowerment Project.

The Voter Empowerment Project is a series of constitutional amendments which will allow Illinois voters to take a more active role in the legislative process.

The legislative package involves three constitutional amendments:

  • HJR CA 4 – Allows for the recall of any elected official in the state (excluding judges)
  • HJR CA 5 – Permits Illinois citizens to make substantive changes to their state constitution
  • HJR CA 6 – Gives Illinois voters the ability to reject any Public Act through referendum

“For too long, the citizens of Illinois have been taken advantage of by the political machine in our state. High taxes and skyrocketing debt have left Illinoisans disillusioned with state government,” said Leader Durkin. “Today we are proposing a package that will finally give the people of Illinois the chance to be in control of their government and give them their voice back”