House Republicans Stand with Illinois Families, Oppose Tax Hike

Last year, Illinois House Democrats supported a fantasy budget that relied upon the passage of the graduated tax and a “fingers crossed” hope for a federal bailout. Instead of living within our means, they attempted to trick voters into raising taxes, and were sorely rejected by Illinoisans across the state. 

Now, Speaker Welch has suggested yet another attempt at the graduated tax hike amendment despite the fact that more than three million Illinois voters rejected the measure last fall.

Leader Jim Durkin and every member of the Illinois House Republican caucus has signed on to House Resolution 135, signifying firm opposition to another attempt at a tax hike on Illinois families and businesses. 

“This House Resolution is our promise to Illinois voters that we won’t stand for another tax increase as a real solution to solve our state’s fiscal problems,” said Durkin. “Illinois voters wouldn’t stand for this tax hike last year and we will oppose every effort to change their minds.”